Maxime Daisy - Lecturer (ATER)

What's new ?

I am now a PhD

I defended my thesis the 2 of december. Now I am an assistant professor at GREYC laboratory and IUT Cherbourg-Manche, site of Saint-Lô.

Random publication

[ 7 ]  Pierre Buyssens, Maxime Daisy, David Tschumperlé, Olivier Lézoray,
Superpixel-based Depth Map Inpainting for RGB-D View Synthesis , IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) , pp. 4332-4336, 2015

Tips & Tricks

"! LaTeX Error: Too many unprocessed floats."
There are to many floatting object that are not placed on the document pages.
To solve this problem use:
It will print all figures until the current page, and start a new page.
source: tex.stackexchange
Reset subfigure numbering
Before each:
put the following:
Changing algorithm font size
where @fontsize@ is the font size, and @lineheight@ is the line spacing. source: StackOverflow
Reducing paragraph gap between items
source: //Safiqul//
Changing a single page geometry
In the premble put:
In the document, use this:
\newgeometry{ ... }
% My page content ...
{minipage} with a fixed height
% minipage content ...
where @height@ must be replaced with the minipage height. source: StackOverflow
Adding a header dependency to a source file
I have experienced that my program does not compile again when I modify only a header file. This is the way I found in the internet: adding the following line to your CMakeLists.txt.
set_property(SOURCE mysourcefile.cpp APPEND PROPERTY OBJECT_DEPENDS "myheader.h")
source: Stackoverflow
Convert video from a format / container to another using same quality
ffmpeg -i [input] -q:v 0 [output]

This concept is a good practice in programming. In fact, it allows the dependencies of your modules to be reduced. Javascript language is not a object oriented, and do not provide visibility keyword like "public" or "private" in Java. However, it is possible to encapsulate data inside a module by wrapping the code of the latter inside a an anonymous function as follows:

//  This is my super javascript module.
var MyModule = (function()
    // This will be acessible only within "MyModule"
    const HELLO = 'Hello world !';

    //  This will define the public interface of
    //  your module "MyModule"
    return {
        sayHello        : function()
})();//<-- do not forget this !

MyModule.sayHello(); // [Hello world !]

Merge several pdf in one pdf
pdftk *.pdf cat output myfile.pdf
Use french dictionnary with ispell
Install aspell-fr unix package.
source: Stackoverflow
Replace spaces by underscores for each filename in a directory
ls | while read -r FILE
    neo=`echo $FILE | tr ' ' '_' `
    if [ ! -f $neo ];
	   mv -v "$FILE" $neo
source: AskUbuntu
Check whether a sofware is installed or not
command -v foosoftware >/dev/null 2>&1 || { \
    echo >&2 "I require foosoftware but it's not installed.  Aborting."; \
    exit 1;
source: Stackoverflow