Maxime Daisy - Lecturer (ATER)

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I am now a PhD

I defended my thesis the 2 of december. Now I am an assistant professor at GREYC laboratory and IUT Cherbourg-Manche, site of Saint-Lô.

Random publication

[ 3 ]  Maxime Daisy, David Tschumperlé, Olivier Lézoray,
Un algorithme rapide de fondu spatial pour la réduction d’artefacts visuels des méthodes d’inpainting "basés patch", Compression et Représentation des Signaux Audiovisuels (CORESA) , 2013
Best paper award


I have been teaching for three years now, and in multiple institutions. During the first year of my Ph.D, I taught at IUT Cherbourg-Manche, site of Saint-Lô, the second year in the University of Caen, and in the third year at ENSICAEN.

2015-2016 - Assistant professor

Algorithmic and Programming

Algorithmic and Web Development

Web integration

Scientific knowledge and information processing

Web development

Object and event oriented programming

2012-2013 - 3rd year PhD

Programming in C++

Introduction to the image processing

2014-2015 - 2nd year Ph.D


Computer science & internet

Intership supervision

2013-2014 - 1st year Ph.D



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