Pure data (pd~)

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Pure data you say ?

Pure Data, or pd for the close friends, is a kind of graphical language for sound processing. The UI is kind of "do not touch me" at the first glance, but the fun you have making sounds after some hours of practice will make you say it totally worth it (I guarantee it !).

We regularly do pure data sessions with a friend to make some patches and have fun. Our patches are available on github: https://github.com/virtualtam/puredata-patches.

If you are interesetd in pure data, here is the website: https://puredata.info/

The following patches are some I have made only for this website purpose.

In this patch, we play tiny beeps using a simple sin wave.

This patch simulates a bass drum percussion. It is composed of two main blocks:
  • The left one generates the sound of the drum, i.e., a very low frequency sound with two harmonics.
  • The right is a kind of filter that transform the sound from the left block to small beats.